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Student Conduct


  • The students should display decent conduct both within the campus and outside.
  • The students must be punctual and regular to the classes, tests & examinations and should conduct themselves with dignity& decorum, befitting their professional status.
  • The students shall adhere to all the University norms, as notified from time to time.
  • Putting up / wearing of the uniforms is compulsory in the academic premises during the academic activity.
  • Students must possess Identity Cards, throughout their program duration and show it where ever demanded / required.
  • Students shall observe silence in the academic areas.
  • Students having outstanding dues shall not be allowed to appear for the End-term Examination.
  • Library rules should be obeyed implicitly. Disciplinary action will be initiated against students who tamper with library books, mark on the books, deface the book or tear pages from the books.
  • All types of Intoxicants (Drugs, alcohol etc.), Smoking, Chewing Pan/ Pan Masala, Stealing, Provocation, Threats, Pressure Tactics, Fights and use of abusive / vulgar languages is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Students must pay utmost respect to the Principal, Faculty, Staff members, other employees and seniors irrespective of their course/sections.
  • Students shall switch off all the fans and lights when they come out of the class/ labs/ hostel.
  • Students shall not indulge in any kind of public nuisance/disturbance/crimes and if found involved severe disciplinary action will be taken and shall be punished deemed fit by the University authorities.
  • Carrying or keeping any kind weapons is not permitted in the campus at any time. Criminal charges will be filed in every instance, as well as suspension or expulsion of the involved.If any time it is found that a student is Involved in any criminal offence under IPC, he will be suspended or expelled.
  • Playing Cards, Gambling or Betting in any form or any unlawful/anti-social activity or engaging in trade / trade activities within the premises /campus is prohibited.
  • Harassment, whether written, symbolic or verbal, sexual, physical, emotional or racial, is a serious offence and shall be punishable as deemed fit by university authorities.
  • All cases of misconduct / violation of Regulations / misbehaviourincluding by the students and consequent punishments given, shall be recorded in student file will be referred to, while giving recommendation letters / conduct certificates to the students and shall be made available during the Campus Recruitments.
  • All activities individually or collectively leading to physical injury / trauma of the studentor anyone are prohibited in the inside or outside


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