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Faculty of Humanities & Journalism


Humanities, which was started in July 2019, aims to develop understanding, particularly of the learners, for people’s cultures, endorse engagement with others, strengthen diverse communities, and recognize and retain new technologies and innovation for producing efficient leaders trained in creating an open line of communication with the responders. Concomitantly, the faculty, which offers a vast range of career options for students, cherishes to support and safeguard democratic system, fundamental rights and ethics for building good societies where people can enjoy high levels of employment, prosperity, stability and healthier upbringing.

Humanities at Bareilly International University is home to four P.G. programmes— M.A. (English), M.A. (Hindi), M.A. (Psychology) and M.A. (Sociology). These programmes will train the students to become active and productive citizens and employable post-graduates. It will help them to develop skills of mind and heart for learning creative and critical thinking, grappling with nuance, complexity, and subjectivity, familiarizing to a diverse environment and enhancing communication techniques. The Faculty encourages the students to know the world beyond the university and learn employability tactics embedded as a theme in their programmes and also supports its teachers in knowledge transfer techniques, co-curricular activities and consultancy services with public and private ventures.



Journalism, which became operational in July 2019, determines to recognize, relish and cultivate aspiring journalists in Journalism and Mass Communication, and to facilitate them to grow to be dynamic and contributive personalities for quality-driven public platforms in the fields of information, innovation and technology, and in so doing enriching economy and promoting democracy for the welfare of the masses. This goal is to be achieved by creating a training mechanism for coaching academic insights, practical knowledge and socio-cultural and moral values, by fostering a team of intellectuals for collecting and passing on useful information, by inculcating a sense of accountability among the learners in order to promote peace, harmony, growth and order in the public, and by extending and augmenting the faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication through inter-disciplinary modules, novel pedagogical methods and inventive critical perceptions.

Journalism at Bareilly International University aims to endorse and encourage excellence among the students of Journalism and Mass Communication, which the Faculty has been doing efficiently since its beginning.  Therefore, the Faculty has been conducting Graduate and Post Graduate courses— B.A. (Journalism), B.A. (Mass Communication), M.A. (Journalism) and M.A. (Mass Communication) for the aspiring journalists. A professional course in Journalism or Mass Communication opens doors for a career in print media and electronic media, such as in newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, online media, TV and Radio, photography, public relations, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, sound recording, sound mixing, editing, translation, etc. In brief, Journalism along with Mass Communication offers a big range of job opportunities in India and abroad.


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